Best Miami Happy Hours for Summer and Fall 2023

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July 4, 2023

Miami is now experiencing the fall season so the temperature may be cooling a bit but Miami prices are still red-hot! Luckily, with Miami Happy Hours, you have access to the best Happy Hours that will keep your dollars cool in your wallet! Whether you're a local in search of the best bars in Miami, a visitor looking for unbeatable drink deals, or simply hunting for the happiest Happy Hours in town, your quest ends here. We've been doing some serious investigating and are proud to share our favorite places for cold drinks, tasty bites and great prices this season.

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Le Chick

Location: Wynwood
Happy hours: Monday thru Friday 3:30 - 6:30 pm

This spot was the first happy hour we ever went to in Miami and it has been our favorite ever since! Located on 24th Street in Wynwood, this place has the perfect happy hour vibe. Sit inside with intimate lighting and gastropub aesthetics, or sit outside on the patio to experience a Tulum meets Miami mood. We always opt to sit outside whenever we can! Even on a hot day, they have good shade and plenty of fans to keep you cool!

What we like about it:
  1. Good service by the staff: They're very professional and always make sure to get your last drink order in before happy hour ends
  2. Great vibes to chat with friends and laugh over cocktails
  3. YUMMY food! We always share a burger, chicken sandwich and fries

If you come here, we highly recommend you to book a reservation online! There is nothing worse than coming here and not being able to get a table--it's a popular place!

Our favorite happy hour drinks:
  1. Old fashioned $9
  2. Mezcal margarita $9
  3. Spanish Gin & Tonic $9
Our favorite happy hour bites:
  1. Royale with Cheese (A fancy Big Mac!) $15
  2. Fried Chicken Bun (Fried chicken sandwich) $15

Check out the full Le Chic happy hour menu here.


Location: Brickell
Happy hours: Monday thru Friday 3:00 - 7:00 pm

If you are looking to have a real day or night of drinking, this is the place to start. Barsecco gets the party started during happy hour and it's easy to get carried away here! They usually have live music during happy hour with either a DJ and/or an electric violin player! The outdoor patio is a place to see and be seen. If you are outgoing and social, it's easy to strike up conversation with others and move around. While not included on the happy hour menu, Barsecco has a great hookah selection for a reasonable price.

The biggest point to make about this place, is that it has AMAZING deals on food and drink. These prices are almost unheard of in Miami, especially at an establishment as prominent as Barsecco. Make sure you come here ASAP before they raise the prices like some other locations already have.

What we like about it:
  1. Exciting atmosphere with pretty people and high energy
  2. The best food and drink deals in Miami
  3. Right next to the Financial District Metromover Station

We also recommend booking a reservation online in advance. This place is usually packed during happy hour!

Our favorite happy hour drinks:
  1. Spicy Cucumber Cilantro Margarita $7
  2. Aperol Spritz $7
Our favorite happy hour bites:
  1. Pepperoni pizza $7
  2. Fried calamari $7
  3. Truffle fries $7

Check out the full Barsecco happy hour menu here.


Location: Wynwood
Happy hours: Monday thru Sunday 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Uchi is the place for you if you like Japanese food. The restaurant opened in 2022, has a fresh and modern look and feel, and the service is top-of-the-line. We love upscale happy hours as it lets you get a real opportunity to try different things without breaking your bank. This is the place to go if you have your fancy friends or family in town, you will impress them with how nice of a deal you got at such a quality restaurant.

What we like about it:
  1. Upscale and fancy
  2. Fresh and yummy seafood--one of the best in Miami
  3. Tasty (and strong) drinks!
  4. Excellent service and friendliness: They will explain everything on the menu and give great recommendations

Make sure you make a reservation or your chances of getting a table (any day of the week) will be rare!

Our favorite happy hour drinks:
  1. Sake (kimoto or nigori) $8
  2. Uchi Highball $10
  3. Uchi Gin & Tonic $10
Our favorite happy hour bites:
  1. Crispy rice $9
  2. Gyu gyoza $12
  3. Akami $10

Check out the full Uchi happy hour menu here.


Location: MiMo
Happy hours: Monday thru Friday 3:00 - 7:00 pm

Walking into Chica is always an enjoyable experience. The venue's interior reminds us of a high-end Latin restaurant being combined with a swanky speakeasy. This happy hour is all about the drinks--there is food on the menu but if you really want to eat something, see if anything on the regular menu suits your fancy as the happy hour has very small servings.

This is a great place to come on a date or with some friends you haven't seen in awhile. Regardless, anyone you come here with will appreciate your taste.

What we like about it:
  1. Swanky vibes and unique atmosphere
  2. Unique drink choices

As we always say, make sure you make a reservation for this place!

Our favorite happy hour drinks:
  1. Chica-Rita $8
  2. Double Trouble $8
  3. Mojito $8
Our favorite happy hour bites:
  1. Taquitos Bañados $8
  2. Oyster Bloody Maria $2

Check out the full Chica happy hour menu here.


Location: Wynwood
Happy hours: Monday thru Friday 4:00 - 7:00 pm

Astra is the only rooftop on our top 5 list and it is definitely one of the best. Get direct Brickell skyline views from the southern-most point of Wynwood. Happy hour goes into sunset so you are setup perfectly to get great deals and even better views and pictures.

Our favorite thing about this place is that the happy hour usually doesn't have much of a crowd, so it's great for bigger groups. If you make a reservation, you will need to get a table with a minimum, but if you show up you can just hang out by the bar and table tops (which there are many of). Each time we have gone, we stay past the happy hour and hang out with the nighttime crowd--it's a great vibe!

What we like about it:
  1. One of the most beautiful rooftop views in Miami
  2. Great Mediterranean vibes and aesthetics
  3. Big and open space
Our favorite happy hour drinks:
  1. Aperol Spritz $10
  2. Passion Fruit Spicy Margarita (it's SUPER spicy!) $10
  3. Astra mule $10
Our favorite happy hour bites:
  1. Pikilia Spreads $14
  2. Meatballs $14
  3. Tuna Tartare $14
  4. Calamarakia $14

Check out the full Astra happy hour menu here.

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